SAC 2016: Photos and Congratulations

Congratulations to Rowan ECE IEEE Student Chapter members…

Rowan ECE students returned from the 2016 annual IEEE Region 2 – Student Activities Conference, held in Cleveland, OH, having dominated the event and captured most of the awards… With a record 18 students competing in all 7 events, Rowan ECE wins first place in three of the seven competitions, and receiving second place in the fourth one, with all other competing 25 Region 2 schools (including major universities from Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and D.C.,) sharing the remaining ones. We couldn’t be any prouder.

Matthew Oldland, Samed Ozdemir, Jeff Welder, Jake Harris – Sumo robot and Micro mouse from scratch competition – first place
Sean Hastings, Seamus Plunkett, Alex Frederick, and Sergiy Dovgopol – physics competition – first place
Walter Marroquin, Julia Konstantinos, Breanna Higgins – micro mouse kit competition – first place
Chris Green, Chris Frederickson, Thomas Gracie – Brown bag competition – second place

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