Newsletter: First General Meeting, Engineering Carnival, and More

IEEE First General Meeting

The first Rowan University IEEE General Meeting of the fall semester will be this Friday, September 11th at 2:00PM in the Rowan Hall Auditorium. Please make your best effort to attend! We’ll be introducing IEEE, discussing how becoming a member can benefit you, and opening up mentorship to those freshmen who are interested. 🙂

2015 Fall Engineering Carnival

On Friday, September 18th from 12:00 to 4:00, we will be participating in the engineering carnival, and we need volunteers! It’s a lot of fun, and you get some free food and a t-shirt out of it. Please sign up to volunteer here.

Sumo Robot Kit Competition

Due to the travel concerns while the Pope is in Philadelphia, the date of the first Sumo Robot Kit Competition has been rescheduled for Friday, October 2nd at 6:00 PM in the Rowan Hall atrium. Furthermore, several rules have been changed since the summer – in particular, you will now be allowed to add sensors to your kit robot, in addition to the default sensor array.

Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia

The Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia Committee on Younger Members is looking for volunteers to participate in a panel discussion on becoming licensed in the field of engineering. This discussion will take place on Thursday, October 1st from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at 530 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. Please contact Danny for more information!

Southern NJ Professional Societies Meeting

On Wednesday, September 16th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at Blue Heron Pines Golf Club, Dr. Matt Greenhouse of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center will be presenting the “The James Webb Space Telescope Mission”. This science platform, scheduled to launch in 2018, will replace the Hubble Space telescope as the premier Astronomy instrument in orbit. If you’re interested in attending, please let Danny know.

Maker Faire

Just a reminder that the World Maker Faire in New York City is on Saturday, September 26th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and there are buses leaving from Cherry Hill at 7:30 AM. If you’re interested in attending, please let me know so we can discuss travel arrangements!

IEEE XTreme Programming Competition

Please take a moment to watch this Xtreme video. This 24 hour programming competition has been rapidly growing internationally and is in its 10th year. USA has had weak showing, and so we have a responsibility in Region 2 to showcase our dedication and talent. Furthermore, the first place prize is an expenses paid trip to an IEEE conference of your choice, anywhere around the world. That’s an incredible opportunity, and all you have to do is compete.

Registration is open now through Monday, October 12th, and the date of the competition is Saturday, October 24th. Before registering though, please check the rules and eligibility page.

Thank you, and be sure to contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any questions!

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